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If information and motivation were enough, we’d all be healthy, right?

Nutrition pH is not the run-of -the-mill approach to nutritional wellness. No siree! Chances are, you’ve previously lost weight and have not successfully kept the weight off, are learning something new about tweaking the composition of your diet to improve your body composition, or are at a point in your life where you’re through with “diets “and are seeking a new approach.

The point is, you already know how to do this. The answers are already there.

The real question is, “how well have you set up your life, your environment, to support your nutritional wellness or performance goals?”


While you can expect to receive meal-planning recommendations and education with regards to your nutritional wellness and performance goals, you should also expect a certain level of accountability that trains you in planning your nutritional success. Equally so, your RDN will also expect a certain level of accountability from you.

Much like learning to speak a new language, or climbing a tall  mountain, one must practice, one must train.  Your nutritional journey is the training and Nutrition pH is the coaching platform. As you train, you build success and gain confidence.

And this is where nutritional success and sustainability occurs.

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