MET Testing at EPTCMetabolic Efficiency Testing© for Training and Performance Nutrition.  This specialized fitness assessment pin-points your body’s individual efficiency of burning fats to carbohydrates and what your optimal training zones are to optimize your fat max. This package includes ME test, body profile assessment (BIA), interpretation of results, training zones optimizing fat max, nutrition education/recommendations + 30 min. follow up appointment with body profile assessment. (2+ hrs) $375

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test & Body Profile Assessment. Using the KORR ReVue, the Gold Standard in RMR testing. Pinpoint your individual calorie needs for weight loss, gain, or if you just want to check in to see “what going on under the hood”.  Understand your comparative RMR value (if your metabolism is running slow, normal or fast). Includes interpretation of RMR and body profile assessment results, lifestyle/nutrition coaching. (1 hr) $175

Body Profile Assessment using InBody230. Weight alone is not a clear indication of good health. A Body Profile Assessment distinguishes how much of your weight is total body water, dry lean mass, and body fat mass. You’ll also be guided in ways to improve upon your unique body profile through improving lean body mass and BMI (body mass index) for health and performance! (30 min) $75

nutrition packages

Benchmark Nutrition Assessment. Initial session is inclusive of your Nutrition & Wellness health history review (with assessment of lab work), resting metabolic rate test (RMR), body profile assessment (BIA), and in-depth dietary diet analysis. (75 min) $225

Wellness Works. Dialing in nutrition recommendations specific to your nutrition and wellness goals. Includes: “Benchmark Nutrition Assessment”, Meal planning & dietary recommendations, lifestyle planning/strategizing, and follow-up coaching. 3 sessions (4 to 6 weeks) $475

Fuel Right. Nutrition for sports performance. Your 3 sessions include: “Benchmark Nutrition”, individual dietary recommendations for daily nutrition, training, recovery, or racing, ongoing BIA analysis, with weekly goal setting/strategizing, Nutrition coaching for lifestyle and performance. See Sports Nutrition below for specifics on approaches. (4 to 6 weeks) $550

Nutritional Coaching. Tailored nutritional lifestyle coaching. Sessions are held weekly or bi-weekly with email & text support. 40 min sessions; 4, 6, or 8 pack-sessions available. (1 to 4 months) 1 session, $80 | 4 sessions, $310 | 6 sessions, $450 | 8 sessions, $660

a’ la carte approaches

NpH Initial Consultation. Find out more about our services and if Nutrition pH is a match for you! 20 minutes. Complementary!

Weight Management. Personalized nutritional strategies that help you succeed in weight loss, gain, or maintenance.

Performance & Sport Nutrition. Optimize your performance. Providing Metabolic Efficiency Training©, nutrition periodization, performance weight, low-carb/high fat (LCHF), nutritional ketosis, and more! Always specific to sport and lifestyle.

Medical Nutrition Therapy. For the healing and prevention of diseases related to pre-diabetes, diabetes, cardiovascular, kidney disease, disordered eating and others.

Behavioral & Lifestyle Coaching. Weekly support structure that fine-tunes your nutritional lifestyle & wellness.

Plant-based Nutrition. The anti-inflammatory approach to wellness and health. Make healthier, sustainable selections that empower your health.

Mindful Eating. Making peace with the food we eat and befriending behaviors and the body.

Shopping Tours & Pantry Make-Overs. Become a savvy shopper in and outside of the isles. Home visits and coaching that supports your nutrition lifestyle.

endurance coaching.

Monthly Endurance Coaching. Customized individual training plans for swimming, biking, and running – from a 5k to 50 miler, sprint-distance triathlon to the Ironman-distance. $205/mo + $150 Initial Program Set Up (one time fee)


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  1. Hi Dorette. It’s Betty sister Melonie. I’m looking for some nutritional counciling. The last year of training and racing has been a bit of a nightmare. Hormones all out of whack. Thyroid shutdown. Fractured foot. I’m finally feeling healthier and have to green light to train but I want to do things the right way this time especially diet. I’m in Canada so not sure if you can help but I hope you can. xoxo


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