running drills: master your run finesse

2017 Ironman Santa Rosa 70.3
Ironman Santa Rosa 70.3, 2017

In the spirit of getting the NpH blog started and to warm up for my upcoming presentation on Run Form Finesse on behalf of the Women for Tri with the Golden Gate Triathlon Club, I thought that sharing a blog post that I wrote on the subject for MIO Global was in order

If you’re interested in joining our Run Form Finesse clinic on Sunday, November 12, click HERE. You’ll be redirected to a registration page. JOIN US!

“For the functional component of run drills, I’ve enlisted the support of professional run coach Mario Fraoli. As an age-group and elite run coach, Coach Fraoli trains runners for personal bests, Boston Marathon Qualifying times, and has even worked with athletes preparing for the Olympic Games. He is Senior Editor at Competitor Magazine and the author of The Official Rock ‘n’ Roll Guide to Marathon & Half-Marathon Training.”

So here goes!

getting started

“If you’ve taken time off from running and/or speed work or are new to running, you should incorporate the following functional run drills into your weekly run routine. Start with one and build to two or three times a week for eight to twelve weeks total. Practice one to two sets of up to four unique drills (in no particular order). As your form and technique improve, increase to three to four sets.

The primary goal is to emanate perfect run form – imagine being Meb! As your confidence increases through repetition, the speed at which you perform these drills will also increase.”

Read more HERE


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